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Food safety

The safe consumption of food is essential for our physical wellbeing.FOOD SAFETY  

The role of Auburn City Council

The role Auburn City Council plays in food safety is constantly evolving in order to meet the challenges of community expectation, changing technology, community health, National Food Safety Standards and a diverse range of food businesses in a diverse and culturally vibrant community. 
On 1 July 2008, Auburn City Council was appointed as a Category B Enforcement Agency, mandating Council's role in the regulation of food premises.
As a Category B Enforcement Agency, Auburn City Council is responsible for the routine inspection and enforcement of retail business within the Auburn area. The primary aim of inspections is to ensure that food for sale is safe to consume.  

Food-borne illness

The safe consumption of food is essential for our physical wellbeing.
Food-borne illness, associated with incorrect food handling, can occur in a number of common situations, such as at home, work, school, dining out, camping, or even at the family BBQ.
While the number of cases of food-borne illness across Australia each year and the financial implications for the broader community and the health care system is difficult to determine, the typical causes are generally well understood and in most instances illness is preventable. 

Good management practices

Observing good management practices in handling food in all situations will minimise the likelihood of cases of food borne illness, which can result in some or all of the following; nausea, fever, vomiting, stomach cramps, diarrhoea etc, which may last for some days and an lead to hospitalisation in some cases.
You may also obtain additional information from the NSW Food Authority website.