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Food Safety Supervisor
The Food Safety Supervisor (FSS) program helps support a skilled and compliant retail food service sector in NSW.
The FSS program requires restaurants, cafes takeaway shops, carters, bakeries, pubs, clubs, hotels, and supermarket hot food sales to have at least one trained FSS working in the food business, with the aim to reduce the incidence of foodborne illness by up skilling food handles and improving food safety culture.
Since the FSS program was first implemented in 2010, FSS certificates have been issued to just over 75,000 individuals. The certificates expire five years from the date of issue, with the first round of certificates due to expire from1 September 2015.
Food businesses with an appointed Food Safety Supervisor holding a FSS certificate due to expire from 1 September 2015 can enrol in refresher training with a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) approved under the FSS program. Food businesses have 30 working days to ensure their appointed Food Safety Supervisor renews their training and obtains a new FSS certificate.
For more information about the new Food Safety Supervisor requirements and a list of approved training providers, visit the NSW Food Authority’s website.   Alternatively you can contact the NSW Food Authority’s Helpline 1300 552 406 (interpreting services available) or Councils Environmental Health unit on 9735 1222.
Some translated versions of this brochure are available and can be downloaded from the NSW Food authority’s website. Copies of the translated are also available from Council on request.