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Auburn City Council has a regulatory role in enforcing relevant food laws. This allows us to educate business operators and staff of their food safety responsibilities.
In the interest of maintaining general community health standards and particularly the sensitivity of the local tourism industry to any potential food poisoning incidents, Auburn City Council is anxious to ensure that all food safety as well as health and hygiene aspects of food businesses are maintained to the highest standards.

Legal Action 

Auburn City Council will initiate legal action for serious breaches of the food legislation. This action may arise from a routine inspection of a food business or from the investigation of a complaint. As a consequence, Council initiates legal action for serious breaches of the food legislation. 
In addition in December 2004, the use of a penalty infringement notice (PIN) was introduced under the Food Act 2003, for offences under the Food Standards Code. The use of penalty infringement notices is currently being carried out by Council officers in appropriate situations. Penalty infringements notices can range from $110 to $2,640. 

Lodging a complaint 

Consumers wishing to lodge a complaint with Auburn City Council for investigation can do so knowing that the matter will be treated confidentially.
We do, however require some details of identification for a number of reasons. Firstly it may be necessary to seek some additional information about the allegation and secondly to provide feedback to the complainant in regard to the outcome of the investigation. 

NSW Legislation