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Operating a food business

diverse-food-in-auburn.jpgOPERATING A FOOD BUSINESS

If you operate a food business, you should be aware of the following information:  

Registering your business

Your business details must be registered with the New South Wales Food Authority. This can be done online at

Food safety and hygiene

All staff must have appropriate skills and knowledge in food safety and food hygiene, in keeping with the activities of the business. Staff must be informed of their specific health and hygiene responsibilities under Food Safety Standard 3.2.2 (Clauses13-15) which are available from

Informative fact sheets in English and other languages on this and other important topics are available from Food Standards Australia New Zealand.

Cleaning, maintenance and staff illness

All your Operators should be aware of the general food safety and hygiene requirements, concerning:  

  • The regular cleaning and sanitising of the premises. A detergent is not a sanitiser.
  • Providing a hand basin in the kitchen and toilet/s with warm water, soap and paper towels.
  • Maintaining correct temperature controls for hot and cold high risk foods including the use of a probe thermometer.
  • Having a written cleaning schedule and regular pest control service.
  • Ensuring correct maintenance of all aspects of the business including the floor, walls, equipment and appliances.
  • Having a written staff illness policy which excludes sick workers.

Penalty Infringement Notices

Recent changes to State Government food laws enable Auburn City Council officers to issue a Penalty Infringement Notice (on the spot fines) for an offence under these laws. Auburn City Council’s Environmental Health Officers are currently issuing these fines when offences are detected.


Your premises will be inspected regularly by Auburn City Council and at such an inspection you are entitled to ask the inspecting officer for formal identification. An annual fee is charged at the commencement of the financial year.

Compliance with food laws

Compliance with the food laws by all operators and staff will enhance community health, ensure a continued high standard of customer satisfaction and avoid any regulatory action by Council.

Additional information can be obtained from the New South Wales Food Authority at or telephone 1300 552 406, or email Alternatively, contact can be made with Council’s Environment & Health Unit on 02 9735 1222. 

Regulated Premises Registration 

To register your Food Business please follow the link to the registration form.