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Community Access Committee


The Auburn Community Access Committee is an advisory Committee of Auburn City Council. The committee was established in 1997.

The Access Committee provides advice to Auburn Council on preventing and minimising access difficulties for:

  1. People with physical and mental disabilities and their carers
  2. People in wheel chairs
  3. Senior residents
  4. Parents with prams and
  5. People with mobility difficulties
Vision: To provide an accessible environment throughout the Auburn Local Government Area for the benefit of the general community.

Aim: To facilitate the provision of the best possible standard of access for the community within the Auburn Local Government Area.


  1. To identify the access needs of people with disabilities
  2. To work with Council to identify strategies to improve access
  3. To provide a forum for raising issues of concern regarding access
  4. Examining and auditing access concerns in the Auburn Local Government Area
  5. Establishing Council access policies and monitoring their implementation
  6. Ensuring that Council considers access to and within buildings, with all development and building applications affecting the public
  7. Informing and educating Council and the general public about access issues
  8. Advocating for better and appropriate access at all levels

Who can be on the Access Committee?

The Committee is comprised of:
  1. People with disabilities and their carers,
  2. People concerned about access issues, members of the community, Service Providers, Government Departments and Council.

For more information?

To find out more information on the Access Committee contact Council's Community Development Officer - Age and Disability on (02) 9735 1378.