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Youth services

School Holiday Program Activities for High School aged local Young People

Cumberland Council and its partners provide free and/or affordable activities each school holidays for local High School aged young people.  Go on excursions to the beach, the pools, the movies, or partake in activities like kite making, music production, and BBQs. Participate in workshops such as street art and drumming or sports activities such as Basketball clinics and indoor soccer or come along with us to Summer Fest!  You can do all this fun stuff at one of your local Youth Centres located in Auburn, Lidcombe, Wentworthville, Guildford or Granville.  

 ​Download and Print SchoolHolidayProgram2016Term4

Regents Park Reach Program

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- download and print Regents Park Reach Program 2016

Park Reach is a collaborative mobile outreach service that utilises parks in the Auburn City area to deliver services and activities to residents on a quarterly basis. The Regents Park Reach Program aims to provide free social, educational, cultural and health activities for the Regents Park community as well as important information about services and support available in the Auburn Local Government Area.
The program provides a range of community engagement activities for children and their families. Due to the significant population of disengaged youth in Regents Park, Council and partners are also delivering a youth specific component to encourage young people’s participation.   Activities are usually held on a Friday afternoon every 3 months between 3-5pm.
1) Friday 18th March
2) Friday  10th June
3) Friday 9th September
4) Friday 11th November
Youth Services and Programs
Council recognises that young people have needs for their own specific local facilities, services and programs that assist them in their own right and in their transition to adulthood.
Council recognises that:
  • Youth culture is an expession of young people’s needs and beliefs
  • Young people’s involvement in planning and delivery of services, community activities and social activities can enhance self respect, competence and connection to family and community and haveIMG_0734.JPG significant benefits for the delivery of these resources
  • Councils need to devise and maintain strategies for involving young people in community planning and service development building a sense of citizenship
  • Youth advisory councils are one effective means of inviting the active participation of young people and other youth services stakeholders in planning, services and programs
  • Young people need unique facilities and services, as well as access to universal facilities and
  • Young people have a right to access public space IMG_0735.JPG
  • Councils identify, provide or facilitate the provision of facilities, services and programs which meet the needs of young people, which maximise their quality of life and well being
  • Youth week is an important vehicle for focusing on the strengths and needs of young people to promote a sensitive proactive approach to local youth development
  • Support services must be youth friendly, trusted and relevant to vulnerable young people to assist in their uptake, must use approaches that are supported by research and promote proven and innovative approaches and must create the least intrusion and disruption in their lives and encourage connection with services where young people have established long term trusting relationships with service providers

Cumberland Youth Development Officer

Cumberland Council's Community Youth Development Officer is involved in planning and facilitating the development of local youth services, facilities and activities; assessing the needs of local young people and services; promoting the participation of young people and showcasing their achievements. Some activities include:
  • Youth Week and other Festivals
  • Planning days and forums
  • Youth Leadership Projects
  • Conduct Research and Advocacy
  • Provide information and referral
  • Youth Interagency and other collaborative approaches
  • Develop and support local sport, music and arts projects, as well as other youth skills development and recreational activities
The Youth Development Officer works in partnership with local community organisations, Federal and State Government departments, the local community and its youth - to make Auburn City an enjoyable and safe place to live for all young people.
For more information contact 9735 1226 or email the Youth Development Officer at:

Auburn Youth Strategy 2013 - 2017

The Auburn Youth Strategy 2013 - 2017 was developed to assist Auburn City Council and other community partners to embrace local young people and ensure that they are consulted and serviced in a coordinated manner. Furthermore, it was developed to ensure young people actively participate in the planning and implementation of projects that affect them in the Auburn LGA.
The purpose of the Auburn Youth Strategy is about asking young people and people who work with them, such as youth and community workers, to identify the issues they think are important to address, to make Auburn LGA the kind of place young people aged 12 - 24 would like to live. It's about people working together to meet these needs and to provide programs and activities that young people would like to be involved in.
The main aims of the strategy are to:
  1. Develop local priority areas for young people in the Auburn youth sector
  2. Identify short and long term directions for youth services in Auburn
  3. Form stronger partnerships to collectively address issues for young people over the next 3 years
  4. Set forth strategies for collaborative action
Benefits of the Youth Strategy include:
  • Act as a funding tool
  • Identify gaps in service delivery
  • Set a clear direction for the local youth sector
  • Encourage collaboration and partnership
  • Reduce duplication in service delivery
  • Serve as an advocacy tool for the youth sector in Auburn
  • Allow for direct input into programming and service delivery by young people
  • Ensure that young people are actively engaged in local planning and decision making processes
Download a copy of the Auburn Youth Strategy 2013-2017
Please see the documents below for survey and consultation findings from the consultation stage undertaken in the development of the Auburn Youth Strategy 2013-17.
Please see documents below relating to the last Youth Strategy.
Auburn Youth Advisory Collective (AYAC)
This group is open to young people aged 16 - 25 years who live, work and/or study within the Auburn LGA and are interested in building their capacity as youth leaders within the community. The AYAC aims to provide young people with many skills, such as advocacy, community development, event management, public relations and decision making. Visit the Auburn Youth Advisory Collective  page for more information.

Homework Help Programs

Council and local youth services providers provide free Homework Help activities each week around the Auburn City area.  Council offers Homework Help at both Auburn and Regents Park Libraries most days of the week for both primary and high school students. A qualified teacher is on hand to assist children and young people with their homework as well as access to computers and the internet. 
Download a copy of the Auburn Homework Help Programs

Auburn Youth Interagency (AYI)

The Auburn Youth Interagency (AYI) meet bimonthly and cover the suburbs within Auburn City including: Auburn, Berala, Wentworth Point, Lidcombe, Newington, Regents Park, Olympic Park and Silverwater.
The AYI was established in 2003 and is coordinated by a convenors group. 
2016 AYI Dates are: 
25 February     
28 April             
30 June             
25  August 
27 October      
8 December    
10:30am – 12:30pm in the Exhibition Gallery, Level 1, Auburn Library, 1 Susan Street, Auburn (Auburn City Council)
Visit the Interagency and Networks Page to download a calendar of network and interagency meetings dates in the Auburn area.
To find out more about local youth and other organisations, access the Online Community Directory.