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Auburn Small Community Organisation Network (ASCON

Flavours of Auburn Cookbook

The 'Flavours of Auburn Cookbook' explores the history and importance of food from countries such as Somalia, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Sri Lanka, Ethiopia, Turkey and the Philippines.
The cookbook takes you on a journey of flavours from around the world, from Africa to Asia to Auburn and includes dishes such as camel curry from Somali, jollof rice a national dish of Sierra Leone, Turkish Borek, and Afritada a traditional dish from the Phillipines.
The Cookbook can be borrowed from Cumberland Libraries. 
The Cookbook was officially launched at the fifth Flavours of Auburn event held 26 October 2013, and features the favourite recipes from the past five years. The cookbook is a celebration of cultural diversity and explores the history and importance of each recipe. This is your chance to learn the secrets of some amazing dishes as well as taste the dishes featured in the cookbook first hand.
The Flavours of Auburn Cookbook gives you the opportunity to prepare exotic dishes and aromatic spices such as berbere (a blend of red chilli, black pepper, garlic, ginger and Spanish onions). The cookbook also includes healthy and fast recipe alternatives to promote good eating habits.
For enquiries, please phone Council's Community Development and Planning Unit on (02) 9735 1222.
For more information about the Flavours of Auburn go to


The Auburn Small Community Organisation Network (ASCON) is a group of small, volunteer run, not-for-profit community organisations who do not receive regular funding.  


Many residents in Auburn experience multiple disadvantage. Auburn is ranked as the second most disadvantaged area on the SEIFA index of disadvantage in the Sydney Statistical Division.
ASCON is standing up for small volunteer organisations (SVOs) in Western Sydney by having a strong united voice for the many SVOs and advocating for communities in the Auburn area. Many are ethno-specific organisations run by small and emerging refugee communities. 
ASCON aims to act as a vehicle for member organisations’ growth, development and belonging.
Additionally it aims to build the capacity of members by providing bi-monthly training to community leaders on issues affecting the development of their organisations. This training encourages SVOs to be stronger, independent and well-managed.
Examples of training provided include the Role of Management Committee Members, Financial Management, Conflict Resolution, Grant Writing and Advocacy.  


All small voluntary community organisations (from small and emerging communities) operating in the Auburn LGA are welcome to join this network. Email  for a copy of the application form.
ASCON members are required to meet the following conditions:
• Actively participate in ASCON activities.
• Attend a minimum of 3 ASCON meetings per calendar year.
For more information about ASCON contact Adama Kamara, on (02) 9735 1296.


Over 100 people from 30 different community organisations have participated in ASCON activities.
ASCON members are involved in the provision of welfare services, sporting activities for young people, social and cultural activities, literacy classes, management of housing cooperatives and more.

Joint Projects 

ASCON provides a forum for collaboration on joint projects amongst community groups.
For example Flavours of Auburn, an event which is part of the Sydney Morning Herald's Good Food Month, showcases the culinary culture and heritage of small and emerging communities and food that you can’t find easily in restaurants.
ASCON is supported by Council.
For more information contact Council on (02) 9735 1296.
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