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Development assessment


If you plan to carry out work on buildings or land, you may be required to lodge a Development Application (DA) and secure planning permission from Auburn City Council's development assessment unit.

Assessing a DA

Auburn City Council assesses Development Applications in accordance with the Environment Planning and Assessment Act 1979

The purpose of the planning system is to protect amenity and the environment in the public interest. This means that the planning legisilation controls the use of land, the size and appearance of new buildings and their impact on neighbours.

What is Town Planning?

Town Planning is about organising the way land and buildings are used so that as many people as possible, including generations to come, benefit. The law, together with government guidance and advice, requires Councils to prepare development control plans (DCPs). These plans are then used to guide decisions about whether or not new uses and buildings are allowed.

LEPs and DCPs

Auburn City Council's main planning document is the Auburn Local Environmental Plan 2010 (ALEP 2010).

This document guides development in conjunction with Local Development Control Plans (DCPs). These plans describe the way uses and buildings are controlled ine ach area.

To allow Auburn City Council to properly assess whether a Development Application complies, remember to supply sufficiently detailed documentation to support and describe your application.