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Development assessment applications


This is a brief guide on how to prepare a development application for small developments e.g. dwellings, alterations and additions, change of use and fit-out for industrial and commercial buildings.

For larger applications, it is recommended that you discuss with Auburn City Council's duty planner as to whether a pre-lodgement application is appropriate.

For in depth information, see more on the Development Application process.

1. Read Auburn City Council's controls and policies

Before you begin to prepare a development application, you should read the relevant controls, policies and guidelines.

2. Undertake site analysis and correspond the design application to the analysis

Auburn City Council will not consider proposals that do not demonstrate that they have undertaken rigorous site analysis and respond to the opportunities and constraints identified in that analysis.

3. Finalise drawings and reports for lodgements

Auburn City Council has checklists to complete your drawings and reports such as the drawing submissions requirements and reports submission requirements checklist.

4. Complete DA and statistical forms

  • Complete the DA form appropriate to your development
  • Complete the statistical requirements before lodgement if relevant
  • Ensure the submission check list is signed and completed before your application is accepted
  • The consent of all owners must be provided at the time of lodgement

Fees are calculated in accordance with the fee schedule contained in the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation.  

5. On completion of lodgement

Once all forms and documentation are lodged and fees are paid, you will be issued with a Development Application reference number. Auburn City Council will inform you by mail when a planning officer has been allocated to assess your application.

For in depth information, see more on the Development Application process.