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Development Contributions

What are the Section 94 Development Contributions Plans?

The "Contributions Plans" enables Auburn City Council to collect financial contributions from developers for the provision of facilities and services required for additional residents or employees resulting from new development.
The Contributions Plans addresses how Auburn City Council will assess, collect, spend and administer the developer contributions. For more information on the Plan, please contact the Developer Contributions Coordinator on (02) 9735 1222.
A electronic copy of the Contributions Plans can be viewed at the following link: 

Auburn Development Contributions Plan 2007 (Amendment 1 2016).pdfAuburn Development Contributions Plan 2007 (Amendment 2 2016)

Carter Street Precinct Development Contributions Plan 2016.pdfCarter Street Precinct Development Contributions Plan 2016

The Contributions Plans apply to development approved after that date where Auburn City Council is the consent authority in the area covered by that plan.
If development is proposed in the Carter Street area, see the link above.
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Are you planning to build one or more new residential dwelling including a granny flat?
  • Are you undertaking commercial or industrial development with cost of works over $100,000?
If you answered yes to these questions, you will need to pay Developer Contributions, known as Section 94 or 94A levies.
How much is the Levy?
There are two types of levies:
  1. For all new residential development - Section 94 Levy - Parts A to E of the Contributions Plan
  • For all residential development where new dwellings are to be constructed.
  • The Section 94 levy is calculated for each type of new dwelling unit by the number of bedrooms to be constructed, and will be assessed by Auburn City Council's Development Assessment Unit.
  • The contribution rates are adjusted quarterly by the Consumer Price Index (All Groups Sydney). Please note that this means the rates listed in the Auburn Development Contributions Plan 2007 are therefore out of date. They can only be used as an approximate estimate.
  • The current rates are shown in the below link:S94 Rates Schedule -December Quarter 2016 Auburn Contribution Rates


2. For all commercial or industrial (Non-Residential) development - Section 94A Levy - Part F of the Contributions Plan
  • For all commercial and industrial (non-residential) development.
  • 0.5% of the cost of works between $100,001 and $200,000.
  • 1% of the cost of works more than $200,000.
Should you require details of current Development Contributions rates as part of a Development Application, please contact Auburn City Council on (02) 9735 1222.
Private Certifiers- Complying Development Certificates- Contributions for knock down re-built and granny flats.
Council's Contribution Plan requires S94 payments for all new secondary dwellings (granny flats) and for knock down rebuilds approved by private certifiers involving the demolition of an exisitng single dwelling and the construction of a new dwelling where there is an increase in the number of bedrooms on the site.
Current section 94 contribution rates (based on the December 2016 quarter) are:
Demolition - New Dwelling (knock down rebuild) - 4 bedrooms or more $1,922.17.
Secondary dwelling (granny flat) : 1 bedroom = $3,124.15; 2 bedrooms = $6,008.66; 3 bedrooms = $8,171.73.
The Auburn Development Contributions Plan 2007 requires payment prior to the issue of a Construction Certificate or a Complying Development Certificate. The Section 94 conditions imposed must be consistent with Council's standard section 94 consent conditions and be strictly in accordance with this Plan. It is the professional responsibility of accredited certifiers to accurately calculate the contribution and to apply the section 94 condition correctly. Only conditions requiring monetary contributions can be imposed by an accredited certifier.
When does the Levy need to be paid?
In the case of Development Applications, contributions must be paid at the time stated in the consent conditions and before the Construction Certificate (unless stated otherwise).
In the case of a Complying Development, the levy must be paid prior to a Complying Development Certificate.
Development Contribution rates will be adjusted by the Consumer Price Index when payment is due in accordance with the relevant Contributions Plan. Prior to making any payment, contact Auburn City Council on (02) 9735 1222 and quote your Development Application number.
What information do you need to work out the cost of development for the Section 94A Levy?
You will need to have prepared a Cost Report, to be attached to the development application form. You can download this form on the Development Assessment Forms page.
Who can prepare a cost report?
Your cost report can be done by any building professional, or a quantity surveyor who is a registered member of the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors.
Does the Section 94A levy apply to demolition works?
Yes, over the cost of $100,001. The levy also applies to excavation, site preparation, decontamination, remediation and other like costs.
Why am I paying Developer Contributions and what are they going to be used for?
Auburn City Council will use the funds collected to provide new works, as listed in the Section 94 Plan. This includes new playgrounds and playing fields, town centre civic and streetscape works, local area traffic works, expanded library services, stormwater drainage projects, community facilities and land acquisition for open space.
What has Council achieved?
Superseded Contributions Plan
The Auburn Development Contributions Plan 2007 has superseded seven previous contributions plans.

These Plans remain relevant to development consents approved prior to 15 March 2008 that include consent conditions made under those Contributions Plans. Copies of these superseded plans can be downloaded below:-

Community Services and Facilities Development Contribution Plan.pdf
345 KB
Development Contributions Plan Carter Street Precinct.pdf
400 KB
Homebush Bay West Precinct Development Contribution Plan.pdf
175 KB
Multicultural and Youth Services Development Contributions Plan.pdf
244 KB
Open Space Contributions Plans.pdf
279 KB
Stormwater Drainage Development Contributions Plan.pdf
92 KB
Town Centres Development Contributions Plan.pdf
3603 KB

​The Carter Street Precinct Development Contributions Plan 2016 has superseded part D of the Auburn Development Contributions Plan 2007:

Superceded Part D Carter Street Precinct of Auburn Development Contributions Plan 2007.pdfSuperceded Part D Carter Street Precinct of Auburn Development Contributions Plan 2007