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Cumberland Council Independent Hearing and Assessment Panel (CIHAP)
Council has established an independent hearing and assessment panel with a delegation to make final and independent determinations on development applications and recommendations for Planning Proposals to Council that are referred to it.
The membership of CIHAP consists of four members, two drawn from a pool of experts in the respective fields of environmental and planning, a rotating community member, and a permanent chair with a legal background.
The Honorable Paul Stein, QC, AM, is the permanent chair of the Cumberland Council Independent Hearing and Assessment Panel. Hon Paul Stein is a respected jurist, who is a former judge of the District Court of NSW, NSW Land and Environment Court and the NSW Court of Appeal. He was an acting judge of the NSW Court of Appeal and Supreme Court, and a judge of the Court of Appeal of Fiji. He was also a former NSW Deputy Ombudsman and President of the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board, Chair of the Australian Consumers Association and Chair of the NSW Environment Protection Authority.
The Hon Paul Stein is currently the Chair of the Board of Governors of the NSW Law and Justice Foundation and the current chair of Manly, Mosman, Waverley Council’s Independent Assessment Panels.
The CIHAP will typically meet on the first Wednesday of each month at 11.30am at least 10 times each year. The specific dates and times are provided on the website.
The The Panel will publish its reasons and conclusions for decisions and a record of voting and is subject to Council approved CIHAP Policy and Procedures.
CIHAP Policy and Procedures:
·                     CIHAP Policy
·                     CIHAP Procedure
Code of Conduct:
Members of the CIHAP are bound by the Cumberland City Council Code of Conduct
·                     Cumberland Council Code of Conduct
Frequently Asked Questions :
Meeting Minutes & Reports:
            Meeting Minutes & Reports