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Why are Development Control Plans necessary?

Development Control Plans provide objectives and controls to enhance the function, appearance and amenity of development in the Auburn area. The development controls include setbacks, urban design, stormwater drainage, landscaping, parking and access. They cover various development types, including residential, commercial and industrial developments.
Under Section 79C of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979, the consent authority is required to take into consideration the relevant provisions of the DCP in determining an application for development in the Auburn local government area.

The Auburn Development Control Plan 2010 

The Auburn Development Control Plan (DCP) 2010 was prepared in accordance with the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (the Act) and the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000. The DCP applies to the same area which the Auburn Local Environmental Plan 2010 applies to - this means it excludes Sydney Olympic Park and Wentworth Point. 

Our DCP framework includes:

The DCP framework and controls for Wentworth Point can be found on the State Government Policies page.

The Department of Planning and Environment also prepared a separate DCP for the Carter St Priority Precinct Lidcombe. This DCP can be found below.  


Auburn DCP 2010 is a single consolidated document which has pulled together most of Council's individual DCPs and includes new controls (such as the Waste Part).

It is important to read all relevant chapters/parts of this DCP when preparing a development application. See the links to each chapter below.   

Auburn Development Control Plan 2010

Cover and Content Pages.pdf
Detached Dwellings and Dual Occupancies.pdf
Multi Dwelling Housing.pdf
Residential Flat Buildings.pdf
Newington Residential.pdf
RAAF Stores Depot - Residential.pdf
Former Lidcombe Hospital Site.pdf
Local Centres.pdf
Industrial Areas.pdf
Carter Street Precinct.pdf
Regency Green Industrial Estate.pdf
Sex Services Premises.pdf
Child Care Centres.pdf
Advertising and Signage.pdf
Parking and Loading.pdf
Access and Mobility.pdf
Stormwater Drainage.pdf
Tree Preservation.pdf
Definitions and Terms.pdf

Wentworth Point Development Precinct Development  Control Plan 2014

This plan relates to the Wentworth Point Urban Activation Precinct.

Wentworth Point Development Control Plans / Master Plans

A number of DCPs and Master Plans exist under the Sydney Regional Environmental Plan No.24 - Homebush Bay Area. These can be found on the State Government Policies page.

Carter Street Precinct Development Control Plan 2016 

This DCP applies to land within the Carter St Precinct in Lidcombe. 

The DCP refers to a number of documents relating to Sydney Olympic Park. Most of these can be found at the Sydney Olympic Park Authority website:


The Sydney Olympic Park Urban Elements Design Manual is also referenced. Click on the links below: 

Please note that this Manual was written for the Olympic Park itself, rather than for Carter St Precinct. Accordingly certain elements will not be relevant to the Carter St Precinct. It is strongly recommended that applicants discuss with Council which sections apply, and an approach to those elements that do not apply to the precinct. Contact Frances Hamilton, Council’s Senior Landscape Architect on 9735 1222 to discuss.​

Listed below are Development Control Plans that are now obsolete with the release of the Auburn Development Control Plan 2010.
Berala Railway DCP.pdf
Brothels DCP.pdf
Business Areas DCP.pdf
Car Parking and Loading DCP.pdf
Carter Street DCP.pdf
Child Care DCP.pdf
Detached Dwellings and Dual Occupancy DCP.pdf
Exempt and Complying DCP.pdf
General Requirements DCP.pdf
Guidelines for Erosion and Sediment Control DCP.pdf
Homebush Bay DCP Vol 2 Public Domain Strategy.pdf
Industrial Areas DCP.pdf
Language of Advertising and Signage DCP.pdf
Lidcombe Hospital DCP.pdf
Multiple Dwellings DCP.pdf
Newington Design Code.pdf
Notification DCP.pdf
RAAF Site DCP.pdf
Residential Areas DCP.pdf
Residential Flat Buildings DCP.pdf
Stormwater Drainage DCP.pdf
Access and Mobility DCP.pdf

Superseded Master Plans

The Regency Green Estate - Draft Industrial Business Park Master Plan provides the overall strategy and guiding development principles for future development of the southern portion of the former Regents Park RAAF Stores Depot.
The Master plan has been prepared in accordance with Clause 64 'Staged Development' of Auburn Local Environmental Plan 2000 and was approved under Development Consent DA-608/2003 as Stage One of the re-development of the former Regents Park Royal Australian Air Force Stores Depot. Clause 64 of Auburn Local Environmental Plan 2000 requires all subsequent stages (development applications for development on allotments within the Regency Green subdivision) to have regard to Stage One, therefore development must be designed in accordance with this document.


To download the documents related to the Regency Green Master Plan select from the links listed below:

Part 3A Planning Applications

Some applicants may also need to be aware of site specific Concept Plans which have been approved by the Department of Planning under Part 3A (Major Infrastructure and Other Projects) of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979. These projects, which are ordinarily assessed by the Department, require the Minister for Planning's approval because they are a particular type of development or are within a State significant site or other specified site.

The Part 3A applications affecting the Auburn LGA can be viewed on the Department of Planning's website at: