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Montage of heritage buildings in the Auburn Area 

Heritage is one of the things that defines the culture of our communities. When we talk about heritage we’re talking about the many elements of who we are and how we identify ourselves. 
Our heritage includes the full range of inherited traditions, monuments, objects, activities, meanings and behaviours and the sites, buildings and landscapes these traditions took place in. 
By preserving, displaying and restoring historic buildings, landscapes, artefacts and archaeological sites we are connecting ourselves to our past and leaving important legacies for future generations.   

Heritage in Auburn City

Heritage items and heritage conservation areas are identified and classified according to their historic, cultural, social, spiritual, archaeological, architectural or aesthetic significance.
In Auburn City, there are many heritage items of national, state and local significance.  Our largest heritage item, Rookwood Cemetery, is of both national and state heritage significance.  
At almost 300 hectares it is the largest operating cemetery in the southern hemisphere and the largest Victoria era cemetery in the world that is still operating. 
Other heritage items within Auburn City include the former Lidcombe Hospital site, the lower Duck River wetlands in Silverwater, an old horse watering trough on Water Street in Auburn, churches, schools, clusters of significant trees, several dwellings and the plaque on Auburn Road commemorating John Thomas "Jack" Lang, the 23rd Premier of NSW.  

Protecting our heritage 

Items of heritage in the Auburn Council local government area are managed through the Auburn Local Environmental Plan 2010 (LEP). The LEP contains development standards for protection of heritage items, heritage conservation areas and relics.  
Clause 5.10 of the LEP contains the planning controls for heritage items and conservation areas.
The complete list of heritage items in the Auburn local government area is contained in Schedule 5 of the LEP.  Refer also to the LEP Heritage Maps 

Advice on heritage development 

Auburn City Council provides heritage advice on building design and streetscape issues on development relating to heritage items and buildings/environments within the Auburn local government area. Contact Council on (02) 9735 1222.
Auburn City Council’s Libraries also contain extensive historic archives, historic photographs and publication on the local history of the area. For further information on the history of the area please contact Auburn Council’s Local History Librarian on (02) 9735 1222.
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