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Planning Policies


Policy on Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design 2006


This policy outlines how the community can be informed of crime prevention and safety requirements when lodging a Development Application (DA) with Council.

The policy outlines principle strategies of CPTED, NSW legislative requirements, Council's submission requirements and Council's Protocol with NSW Police Service in relation to Crime Prevention and Safety requirements when lodging a DA.

Policy Guidelines for Roller Shutters & Bars on Commercial Properties

Policy on Guidelines for Roller Shutters and Bars on Commercial Properties

Applicants seeking to lodge a Development Application for installing new roller shutters and bars on commercial properties need to ensure that the requirements of this policy have been considered in the design.

Voluntary Planning Agreements Policy

Voluntary  Planning Agreements Policy.pdfVoluntary Planning Agreements Policy.pdf

This policy applies to development within the Auburn Local Government Area where a developer who has made, or proposes to make, a development application or sought a change to an environmental planning instrument, wishes to enter into a voluntary planning agreement or other arrangement.

The policy outlines the processes that Auburn City Council will undergo to consider, accept and implement offers made by developers who wish to enter into Voluntary Planning Agreements for the purpose of developing or contributing to public facilities.