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Public Domain Plans

Auburn City Council Public Domain Plans

A suite of new public domain plans have been developed by drawing together public domain principles and requirements from superseded DCPS and policies. This was undertaken as part of the recent DCP review process to create Auburn DCP 2010. These public domain controls were previously held in DCPs as well as a number of existing codes and Master Plans including:
  • Newington Design Code 1999
  • Newington Business Park 1997
  • Regency Green Master Plan
  • Auburn City Council Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design Policy
  • Auburn Playground Strategy 2007
  • Auburn Public Art Policy 2009

Together the new public domain plans will form the Auburn City Public Domain Manual.

What is a Public Domain Plan?

Public Domain Plans are plans which include design objectives and principles for the public domain, particularly streetscapes in town centres and employment/ business precincts. They also contain requirements and often propose public domain improvement works.

The public domain is publicly owned spaces, including streets and places such as parks, plazas and squares. The privately owned spaces between and at the front of buildings have a significant influence on the adjacent public spaces and thus are also carefully considered in public domain plans.

A high quality public domain contributes to a strong sense of place. It is important for community and economic well being. The public domain can influence perceptions of, and investment in, an area. See the links to Council's Public Domain Plans below: