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State Government Policies


State Environmental Planning Policies

State Environmental Planning Policies (SEPPs) are prepared by the Minister for Planning and Environment and deal with issues that are significant to the State. They may be exhibited in draft form for public comment before being gazetted as a legal document.
There are many SEPPs that apply to Auburn Local Government Area. SEPPs typically relate to broad policy issues such as remediation of land, exempt and complying development, advertising and signage, and design quality of residential flat development.  Auburn Council is required to ensure its planning controls are consistent with these policies.
SEPP 65 – Design Quality of Residential Flat Development is particularly relevant for development of residential flat buildings. The SEPP sets out principles for good design of residential flat buildings and provides guidance for evaluating the merit of development proposals. It aims to improve the design quality of residential flat buildings throughout NSW.

Regional Environmental Plans

Sydney Regional Environmental Plans (SREPs) are also prepared by the Minister for Planning and Environment and cover issues across the Sydney Region. SREPs are ‘deemed SEPPs’ (that is they are considered to have the same weight as a SEPP) that provide the framework for detailed local planning by councils and are made by the Minister for Planning and Environment under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.
The two SREPs that apply to the Auburn Local Government Area are:
·        Sydney Regional Environmental Plan – Sydney Harbour Catchment 2005. This applies to most land within the Auburn local government area. The plan aims to protect, enhance and maintain the catchment, foreshores, waterways and islands of Sydney Harbour.

·        Sydney Regional Environmental Plan 24 – Homebush Bay Area (also known as SREP 24) applies to land in at Wentworth Point.
For further information on SREPs or SEPPs, please refer to the Department of Planning and Environment’s webpage on webpage on legislation and planning instruments.
Development controls for Wentworth Point
Wentworth Point is a deferred matter under the Auburn LEP 2010.  This means that the planning controls for Wentworth Point are not prepared or produced by Auburn City Council, but instead are set out in the following State Government documents:
Homebush Bay West DCP 2004
The Homebush Bay West Development Control Plan (DCP) 2004 establishes building and design controls for development within Wentworth Point, also known as Homebush Bay West area. This area is generally bounded by Bennelong Road, Hill Road, Homebush Bay and Parramatta River, as identified in SREP 24 (mentioned above). Although DCPs are usually prepared and made by local Councils, in this instance, this DCP was prepared for and adopted by the NSW State Government.  This is because the responsibility for the statutory planning controls at Wentworth Point currently sits with the NSW State Government, and not Council. 
Homebush Bay West Wentworth Point Master Plan 2005
This masterplan applies to land owned by the NSW Roads and Maritime Authority (RMS) and the Sydney Olympic Park Authority (SOPA) at the northern end of Wentworth Point.  The area is bound by Burroway Road, Hill Road, and the Sydney Olympic Parkland, the Parramatta River and Homebush Bay. 
The master plan is a step in the planning process between SREP 24, Homebush Bay West DCP 2004 and development of the site. The masterplan builds upon the broad framework established by the SEPP and sets out requirements with which all development must comply, in the form of development principles and guidelines. 
Homebush Bay West DCP 2004 – Amendment 1 (Fairmead proposal)
The (then) Department of Planning and Infrastructure amended the Homebush Bay West DCP to create capacity for an additional 1,300 dwellings.  The plan (also known as the Fairmead Proposal) allows for larger floor plans and increased building heights in certain locations between Bayswater Drive and Burroway Road, Wentworth Point. 
The amendment is linked to a Voluntary Planning Agreement (VPA) between the NSW State Government and a group of Wentworth Point developers. The VPA is requires the Wentworth Point developers to construct a bridge between Wentworth Point and Rhodes West.
The amendment was adopted by the former Director General of the Department of Planning and Infrastructure on 9 July 2013 and came into effect on 31 July 2013.
Wentworth Point Urban Activation Precinct
The NSW Government has declared land owned by the NSW Roads and Maritime Authority at the northern end of Wentworth Point to be an Urban Activation Precinct.  The precinct is surrounded by Sydney Olympic Park to the west, Parramatta River to the north, Homebush Bay to the east and privately owned land to the south.
Wentworth Point Urban Activation Precinct was rezoned in July 2014 to provide for apartments, maritime and retail facilities, a large peninsula park, and a school.  The rezoning will allow a mix of built forms, ranging from 5-25 storeys in height. 
The rezoning transferred the planning controls for the precinct from the Department of Planning and Environment to the Auburn LEP 2010 (i.e. to Council).
Other site specific controls
There are a number of site specific DCPs and envelope controls which apply to individual sites within Wentworth Point:
·     Burroway Road (deemed) DCP 2006

This DCP is applies to a parcel of land owned by Billbergia
at 1 Burroway Road, Homebush Bay (Lot 10, D.P. 776611). The DCP has been prepared under clause 16 of SREP 24 on behalf of the NSW State Government, which requires that there is a Masterplan for the subject land before a consent authority (in this case, the NSW Department of Planning and Environment) can approve a development application and that development is consistent with that Masterplan.
·     A site specific Development Concept Plan applies to land at Lot 9, which is owned by Sekisui House. Please contact the NSW Department of Planning and Environment for further information (contact details listed in next section). 
Relationship to Council’s Planning Framework
The DCPs and masterplans mentioned above are the responsibility of the NSW State Government (and more specifically the Department of Planning and Environment). Unlike the Auburn LEP 2010 and Auburn DCP 2010, which apply to the remainder of the Auburn Local Government Area (excluding Sydney Olympic Park), Council cannot change or amend these planning controls in any way.  Any concerns or comments about these planning controls should be directed to:
NSW Department of Planning and Environment
Metropolitan Delivery (Parramatta)
10 Valentine Ave, Parramatta
GPO Box 39
T. 02 9860 1500
Council submissions on Wentworth Point
Council has made a number of submissions to the NSW State Government about various development proposals, and the current planning controls (which were established by the Department of Planning and Environment) at Wentworth Point, including: