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Climate change


What is climate change and what causes it?

Climate change is a result of changes in our weather patterns caused by increases to the Earth's average temperature.
As greenhouse gases in our atmosphere increase from activities like burning fossil fuels, land clearing and intensive agriculture, the Earth's temperature increases. The last 50 years alone have seen a significant rise in global temperatures. 
According to the Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water, scientific data has concluded that the biggest cause of climate change is human activities.  
What is climate change? 

Evidence of global warming and climate change

Evidence for global warming and climate change is growing.  See the following links for more information: 

What is Auburn City Council doing about climate change?

In 2007, we endorsed corporate and community greenhouse gas emission reduction goals:
  • 20% reduction in corporate emissions by 2013/14 (based on 2005/06 levels)
  • 20% reduction in Community emissions by 2010 (based on 2001 levels)

The Auburn Local Greenhouse Action Plan 2009 outlines necessary actions to be implemented over the next five years in order to achieve these goals. The plan is our blueprint for effective and practical measures that can be employed to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions generated within Council and the community.   

Cities for Climate Protection Program (CCP)

Auburn City Council developed the Local Greenhouse Action Plan as part of our participation in the Cities for Climate Protection Program.
The program is a local greenhouse action initiative administered in Australia by Local Governments for Sustainability.  Auburn City Council joined the program in 2005.