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Climate change


What is climate change and what causes it?

Climate change is a result of changes in our weather patterns caused by increases to the Earth's average temperature.
As greenhouse gases in our atmosphere increase from activities like burning fossil fuels, land clearing and intensive agriculture, the Earth's temperature increases. The last 50 years alone have seen a significant rise in global temperatures. 
According to the Office of Environment and Heritage, scientific data has concluded that the biggest cause of climate change is human activities.  
What is climate change? 

Evidence of global warming and climate change

Evidence for global warming and climate change is growing.  See the following links for more information: 

What is Auburn City Council doing about climate change?

In 2012, Council develoepd the Auburn Sustainability Action Plan and established the following targets:
  • 15% reduction in Council's energy consumption by 2021 (baseline 23,100 GJ)
  • 20% reduction in Council's CO2 emissions by 2021 (baseline 9,814 Tonnes)
  • 20% increase in the number of residents using sustainable transport by 2021 (baseline 52,730 residents)

The ASAP 2011-15 is a four year plan that follows the Integrated Planning and Reporting framework. The ASAP 2011-15 describes Council’s long term actions that will inform the environmental sustainability components of future Operational Plans.

Furthermore the ASAP 2011-15 sets the key performance indicators for each action so that we can measure our performance and report each year to the community in the Auburn City Council Quarterly and Annual Report .