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Council and the environment


Ecological Sustainable Development (ESD) is a fundamental part of corporate social responsibility.    

This is especially important for Auburn City Council because our role is to provide services to the community, protect and maintain community assets, and lead the community into the future.
Auburn City Council is committed to economic, environmental and social sustainability.  To achieve this we: 
  • Comply with relevant environmental legislation
  • Review our systems and objectives to ensure continual ongoing improvement
  • Work to prevent pollution and managing waste responsibly
  • Minimise energy and water consumption wherever possible
  • Conduct environmental education and awareness raising activities for the community
  • Partner with lead agencies and organisations on environmental projects and programs
  • Educate and train staff on their environmental responsibilities
  • Lead by example

Auburn City Council has been working towards making sustainable development a more integral part of our core business and special projects.

We have also formed strong partnerships within the community to work together at solving regional or global environmental issues, and to help devise solutions to implement at a local level.

Learn more about these Plans and Reports, Projects and Partnerships.

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