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Tree planting

Street Tree Renewal and Planting Programme

The Street Tree Masterplan that has identified streets that are currently lacking trees, or the urban canopy is poorly represented. Where substantial tree removal and/or planting are proposed in streets and parks, adjoining residents will be consulted. ​The species selection and requirements for new plantings are prescribed in the Street Tree Masterplan.  Council has developed Tree Fact Sheets for the tree species which constitute the tree palate for the Street Tree Master Plan.

Programmed Planting

All tree planting will occur each autumn and early spring as this will provide a period where trees can more successfully establish prior to the heat of summer.
All new plantings will be undertaken staff, or by contractual services using current industry best practices, where possible new technologies or techniques and quality nursery stock to ensure optimum establishment and long term performance.  

Tree Species Selection

 Selection will take into consideration:
  • The growing environment and space available – many street environments have compacted soils, restricted access to water and nutrients, exposed to air pollutants, extremes of summer temperature associated with radiated heat from roadways, footpaths etc.
  • The physical width of the verge is also variable.
  • Compatibility with services - trees compete with access and sightline requirements for vehicles and pedestrians, as well as overhead and underground services.
  • Adjoining land uses and built form – trees help screen or soften the built form, particularly in high-density areas.
  • Consideration is also given to avoiding potential conflict with the adjoining property users.
  • Street character and context – where existing trees are successful, the opportunity exists to retain the species with new infill planting. Alternatively, in streets where trees have not established, or have been in conflict with services, the opportunity exists to adopt new, more suitable species.
  • Tree characteristics – The growth rate, habit, size, longevity, potential risk and future maintenance costs.
  • Diversity – Auburn’s existing street trees lack diversity overall which generates monotony. The opportunity exists to use a mix of native and exotic tree species with new planting to create local variation and interest.

The Street Tree Masterplan will detail proposed tree species for each neighbourhood and specific streets.

  • Inappropriate planting Other than street planting undertaken in conjunction with a Development Consent, Council will not permit the planting of trees by residents on Council managed land. This is to ensure:
  • underground services are protected
  • Appropriate species are selected
  • The location for planting is suitable when considering sightlines, public services, etc.

Requesting a Tree Planting

Residents seeking public tree planting are encouraged to contact Councils Customer service Department to register a request on 97351222.  Any new requests will be programmed into the planting programme, in some cases there may be a slight delay in planting based on the weather influences.

Tree Replacements

If as a result from decline, storm damage, vandalism, or disease a street or park tree is removed a suitable replacement tree will be implemented during the tree planting programme.  In the event of a vandalised tree the replacement will be delayed for a period of 12 months to discourage vandalism to trees.

Tree Stock

Generally Council will seek to acquire new trees compliant with NATSPEC guidelines. To address issues relating to potential vandalism the following applies:
  • Trees for planting should be no taller than two metres in height and 50-80 mm wide in trunk calliper (at ground level).
  • Tree species, height and calliper specifications will vary according to the supply of stock.
  • No tree stock for planting will be greater than that grown in a 45 Litre container.

Some variation to the container size may be required in some cases and these Individual requirements and specifications will be site-specific and will allow for variable conditions such as verge width, existing service locations and surrounding infrastructure. Any request or planned planting where selected stock is either not available or at the specified size by council will be automatically deferred on Council’s tree replacement program for the following planting season.

Bonds for Public Trees

Bonds may be placed on public trees considered to add amenity value to the landscape character through the development process. Bonds are calculated using the Theyer Tree Evaluation System.
If trees are wilfully or accidentally damaged during the development process the bond will be retained and the damaged tree/s repaired or replaced.

National Tree Planting Day and other Community Planting Days

Each year Council promotes community participation in National Tree Planting Day, which occurs in the last week in July. During this week over 2,500 trees and shrubs are planted and provided to local schools. Council also coordinates a Community Pride Program that includes various events throughout the year including tree-planting activities.

Free Tree Giveaway

The aim of this initiative is to assist Auburn ratepayers in accessing native and locally occurring trees and shrubs. The inaugural give-away week was conducted in September 2011 and over 2,000 plants were collected from Council’s nursery.
The program is proposed to be an annual event hosted in the first week of September each year.