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Tree Policy and Frame Work

The Aims of this Policy

This Policy and Framework Plan outlines how structured, consistent and environmentally sound management decisions are made for the Auburn City Council’s urban tree population. It addresses recent trends in the closely linked fields of tree management and risk management.
The arboriculture industry has advanced dramatically over the past ten years. Many traditional practices have been replaced by improved tree health-management techniques to assist risk management processes. These changes create a need to review and amend existing practices and procedures.
The benefits of sustaining a well-forested urban environment are well established with aesthetic, environmental and financial improvements for the area.
In preparing the Auburn City Community Strategic Plan 2021, resident feedback suggested “more trees are needed across our city”. 

Policy Summary  

Auburns Urban Forest

  • Council supports and will promote the benefits of sustaining a well-forested urban environment with aesthetic, environmental and financial gains for the Auburn LGA
  • Council will continue to seek new opportunities for tree planting and aim to increase the tree canopy across the Auburn LGA
  • The dropping of leaves, flowers, fruit, seeds or small elements of deadwood by urban trees ordinarily will not provide the basis for the removal of or intervention with an urban tree
  • The obstruction of light by a street tree is, in itself, not justify its removal or substantive pruning
  • The use of a tree for habitat by native birds, possums, bats, ants and the like does not provide the basis for tree removal  

Public Trees 

  • Council’s trees will be proactively inspected and maintained in accordance with relevant standards as well as Council’s Formative Pruning Standard
  • Council will establish a tree inventory to improve the management of its tree assets in accordance with its Asset Management Policy
  • Consistent assessment criteria will be used when considering requests to undertake tree works
  • The authorised removal of public trees shall be undertaken by suitably qualified arborists
  • New public tree planting will occur each autumn and spring when opportunities for successful establishment is highest
  • Council will increase the diversity of tree species planted to include predominately locally occurring native as well as exotic species
  • Species selection for streets will be prescribed by the Auburn Street Tree Masterplan
  • Council reserves the right to remove any trees that have been planted without authorisation
  •  Council will ensure the protection and reinstatement of public trees affected by the development process through the imposition of bonds
  • Council shall pursue cooperation with Ausgrid and local developments, to improve tree maintenance standards, underground power lines and replace trees in conflict with power lines with more suitable species
  • Council will not consider removing healthy trees that enter drainage or sewer system, where the system is found to be in poor condition or not regularly maintained
  • Council will effectively manage evidence based claims concerning
  • Council owned trees Council will discourage deliberate damage caused to trees using legal and other deterrents
  • Council will consult with residents regarding large scale tree replacement or new planting works and promote participation in tree planting activities

Private Trees

  • Council will regulate tree pruning and removal activities through the Tree Preservation Section of the Auburn DCP
  • Council will ensure that Development Applications include all requisite information to allow comprehensive assessment and the imposition of conditions to protect and enhance the tree canopy
  • Council will consider reassessing tree related requests in cases where additional supporting information is provided
Auburn City Council Tree Policy and Frame Work will also be supported with the drafting of a Tree Strategy and Street Tree Masterplan which will outline how many of these policies will be implemented.