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Tree Preservation

Auburn City Tree Preservation

Historically Auburn City Council has held a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) to assist in the regulation and protection of the urban canopy. The aim of the TPO was to protect and promote the retention of trees with a view to increasing amenity and providing a range of benefits to the community as a whole.
In 2010, Council adopted a Local Environmental Plan (LEP) and Development Control Plan (DCP). The DCP replaced the TPO and now prescribes the Tree Preservation Guidelines applicable across the LGA.
This places the management of private trees in the same area as the development application process. This will ensure the preservation of existing and implemented trees within the urban landscape.
Residents seeking to prune or remove a tree protected by Council's DCP, and which is located on private property need to submit to Council a Tree Permit Application.
All applications to prune or remove trees must have the consent of all the owner/s of the property on which the tree stands.
Upon receipt of completed application a Council Arborist inspects the site to assess the tree and the merits of the application before a determination can be made. The assessment criteria used is consistent with those applied to public trees and can be found in the Auburn City Council Tree Policy and Framework in Section 3.3.
In circumstances where trees are permitted to be removed, consideration will be given to conditioning that a replacement tree be provided in the interest of maintaining tree canopy.

Breaches of the Tree Preservation Part of Council's Development Control Plan

Council takes breaches of  Tree Preservation Guidelines very seriously.
Approval is not required for the removal of dead branches or dead trees and trees which do not meet the citeria in the Tree Preservation Guidelines  
Under no circumstances are residents permitted to prune or remove a tree that stands on another person’s property without the consent of the owner of the property. This includes where a tree on an adjoining property is touching your house, fence or other structures.
Breaches of the Council’s Tree Preservation Guidelines  can include financial penalties (fines).  A person may also be liable if they engage or allow another person to remove, prune or damage a tree in breach of the Tree Preservation Guidelines 
If you suspect that a breach has occurred, please contact Council’s Customer Service Department on 9735 1222, or email: so that the matter may be properly investigated.
Please note any details such as the address, vehicle registration numbers and company names and report this to Council as soon as possible.