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Trees and development

Regulation of Trees on Development Sites

Council regulates trees on development sites using the controls provided in the Tree Preservation Guidelines of the Auburn Development Control Plan planning instrument as follows:

  • Trees that are adjacent or located on a development site that may be impacted by the development process are required to be provided with a Tree Report which addressess appropriate management strategies and protection measures in accordance with Australian Standard AS 4970-2009 (Protection of Trees on Development Sites). 

Tree Reports

These protection and management measures will be provided in the form of the  following:

Please Note that All Arboricultural Impact Statement/Reports must be completed by an Arborist with a Diploma (AQF5) qualificiation. 

The submission of an Arboricultural Impact Statement/Report may assist and shorten the duration of the development’s assessment process.   

Conditions on Trees and Developments

Concil may place conditions relating to retention of existing, replacement and new plantings as a part of a new development.  These conditions may be as follows:

  • Retention of existing Trees through appropriate protection measures
  • Replacement of Street Trees
  • Replacement Plantings
  • Size and number of replacement plantings etc

Tree Retention

 Trees selected for retention and protection will be determined from a site assessment made by the Council Arborist and the information provided within the Arboricultural Impact Statement/Report. 

Establishment Periods

New tree plantings either withn the property or in the street will have a 12 month establishment period.  it will be the responsiblity of the party undertaking the development to effectively mange the new asset and ensure it has every opportunity of surving the development process.