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Green Waste

​​Auburn City Council offers residents a fortnightly domestic green waste collection, as an option of the Domestic Waste Service, as well as a free monthly Bulky Green Waste Collection.

Green waste collected from Auburn LGA residents diverts over 3,600 tonnes per year from landfill and puts these valuable organics back into our soils.

Green waste services are not available to business / commercial properties.
Things to remember
  • You require Council approval before pruning or removing trees. For more information, visit Council's tree preservation order.
  • You can reduce your garden waste by composting or worm farming, which turns your garden waste into free fertiliser.
  • Noxious weeds such as asthma weed, green cestrum, camphor laurel and privet must not be put in green waste collections but should be put in your garbage bin.
  • Palm fronds can't be mulched and cannot be put in green waste collections and should be put in your garbage bin.  
  • No plastic bags, plastic ties / twine or any non-green items are to be put in green waste. 
  • It is best to place grass clippings on top of other green waste as this will prevent clippings from sticking to the bottom of your bin. Better still, set your mower height to 5-6cm and leave the clippings on your lawn after mowing - great mulch!

Need more help?

If you are unsure of how to dispose of a particular item, please refer to the FAQs page for more information on different recycling and disposal options as well as useful links to other environmental websites.
If your question is still unanswered, please contact Auburn City Council
on (02) 9735 1222.