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Native and rainforest garden


The Native and Rainforest Garden is located in the western part of the Auburn Botanic Gardens near the Fauna Reserve and Amphitheatre. It is a very popular setting for organised events including wedding and civil ceremonies and wedding photography.

The Native and Rainforest Garden has numerous native plants and trees around a shady billabong and is bordered by scrub woodland plantings and grassed areas. The section is brimming with wildlife including Cape Barren Geese, Dusky Moorhens, peacocks and Australian Brush turkeys
The thick canopy of foliage over the Rainforest and Native Garden produces a moist, deep littered leaf, mouldy floor. The section is a truly rustic location perfect for an Australian themed wedding or civil ceremony or wedding photography.
Visitors should be aware that the billabong is not fenced and therefore all children and young people under the age of 18 years must be supervised at all times.
Please see the Auburn Botanic Gardens main page for information on opening times, entry charges, car parking, accessibility and general conditions of entry. Remember taking food into the Gardens or feeding the native animals, birds and fish is not permitted.
To check availability or if you require further information please contact Council’s Recreational Bookings Coordinator on (02) 9735 1222 or at
Application forms for the hire of the Native and Rainforest Garden for organised activities and events like wedding or civil ceremonies and wedding photography can be downloaded from the Parks and Recreation Facilities Hire page


Australian Natives - Click to see enlarged image
Tree ferns - Click to view enlarged image