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Road Safety


​In NSW, in 2013 the number of persons killed per 100,000 population was 4.5. This is the lowest since record were first compiled in 1908.

Roadwatch is Auburn City Council’s community road safety campaign. It has been operating since 1996 and aims to raise awareness of road safety issues through education and enforcement.

Our Road Safety pages provide essential information that will help you learn how to be safer on the roads whether you’re a pedestrian, a passenger or in control of a car, motorbike or bicycle.

Crashes and Casualties in the Auburn area

Did you know:
  • There are almost 2 crashes on Auburn roads every day.
  • The total number of traffic accidents in 2013 was 726
    • 8 people were seriously injured and 8 people were seriously injured and no one was killed.
  • in 2013, Auburn residents were involved in 1024 crashes
    •  371 within Auburn and 653 elsewhere in Sydney region.
  • Over the last ten years 28 people have died on Auburn roads.
    •  57% were car occupants, 36% were two wheel riders and 7% were pedestrians.
  • Most drivers involved in crashes in Auburn were travelling through the area rather than local resident traffic.
  • Drivers younger than 25 years of age were involved in 22% of casualty crashes. They were more likely to be involved in crashes involving speeding but less likely with alcohol.
  • Pedestrian causalities have halfed over the last fifreen years. The largest number of pedestrian injuries was in 0-16 age group over the five year period. The yearly average is 32 injured pedestrians.

Great progress has been made in reducing the road toll over the past two decades. However there is a need to do more to make the roads safer for the people and save more human lives.

Roadwatch, the community road safety campaign has been operating in Auburn since 1996. Its aim is to raise awareness in the community of road safety issues through education and enforcement.

Roadwatch has the following objectives:

  • Raise community awareness of road safety issues through projects and campaigns emphasising positive road behaviour
  • Develop and encourage community support, ownership and participation in road safety issues
  • Encourage and promote safe and responsible road user behaviour
  • Develop and maintain cooperation and coordination between organisations that have a stake in local road safety issues
  • Increase the availability of alternative transport options

Some more key activities include:

  • Develop a profile for road safety issues in the community
  • Develop a profile for the road safety officer with the Council
  • Initiate projects which target high risk groups and address specific issues of local concern
  • Research ongoing issues affecting the wider community
  • Seek sponsorship for road safety program and projects
  • Evaluate the projects and campaigns
  • Develop a Council’s Road Safety Strategic Plan.

 Auburn City Council - Road Safety Officer


For more information on road safety, contact Auburn City Council's Road Safety Officer


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