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Open access information

Information about Auburn City Council


To further comply with the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009, certain information must be disclosed on Council websites free of charge.
This information includes:
  • Policy Documents
  • Information Guide
  • Disclosure log
  • Register of Council Contracts
  • Documents tabled in Parliament - currently there are no documents tabled in Parliament.
  • Open access information not released on the basis of an overriding public interest against disclosure - NIL

Other information

Other information that is disclosed on the website free of charge includes:

Agendas and Business Papers of Council Meetings
Annual Financial Statements
Annual Report & Auditors Report
Code of Conduct
Code of Meeting Practice
Cultural Plan
Developer Contribution Plans
EEO Management Plan
Management Plan
Manual of Standard Procedures
Minutes of Council Meetings
Civic Expenses Policy
Register of Delegations
Register of Disclosure Statements re Planning Applications and Submissions
Register of Donations and Expenditure Declarations
Register of Investments
Register of Voting on Planning Decisions
Schedule of Fees and Charges
Social Plan
State of the Environment Report

Land Register​ This information is available to the public, and can be obtained by contacting Council's Manager Infrastructure Assets on (02) 9735 1222​
Register of Graffiti Removal Works​ ​This information is available to the public, and can be obtained by contacting Council's Manager Outdoor Staff on (02) 9735 1222
Returns of the Interests of Councillors, Designated Persons and Delegates​
​This information is available to the public, and can be obtained by contacting Council's Manager Corporate on (02) 9735 1222

Plans and Policies

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 Plans of Management for Community Lands

Plan of Management for Auburn Botanic Gardens Precinct
Plan of Management for Duck River Foreshore
Plan of Management for General Community Use
Plan of Management for Natural Area Bushland within Peter Hislop Park
Plan of Management for Natural Area Bushland within the Auburn Golf Course
Plan of Management for Oriole Park - Clubhouse Building and Surrounds
Plan of Management for Parks
Plan of Management for Sportsgrounds
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Town Planning Instruments, Development Control Plans (DCP's) & Contributions Plan

Access and Mobility DCP
Berala Railway Station DCP
Brothels DCP
Business Areas DCP
Carter Street Precinct DCP
Childcare Centres DCP
Detached Dwellings and Dual Occupancy DCP
Draft Auburn Development Control Plan 2009
Draft Industrial Areas DCP (Amendment No.1)
Exempt and Complying DCP
Former Lidcombe Hospital Site DCP
General Requirements DCP
Guidelines for Erosion and Sediment Control
Homebush Bay West DCP 2004 No.1 Burroway Road (Deemed) DCP 2006
Homebusy Bay - Wentworth Point Master Plan 2005
Industrial Areas DCP
Language of Advertising and Signage DCP
Multiple Dwelling DCP
Newington Business Park Code 1999
Notification of Development Proposals DCP
Parking and Loading DCP
Regency Green Estate Draft Industrial Business Park Master Plan
Regent Park RAAF Stores Depot DCP
Residential Areas DCP
Residential Flat Building DCP
Stormwater and Drainage DCP
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 Public Domain Plans

Draft Public Domain Plan - Carter Street Precinct
Draft Public Domain Plan - Former RAAF Stores site
Draft Public Domain Plan - Newington
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Planning Policies

Policy on Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) - 2006
Policy on Guidelines for roller shutters & bars on commercial properties
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 Local Environmental Plan

Acid Sulfate Soils Maps
Auburn LEP 2000
Auburn LEP 2000 Zoning Map
Draft Auburn LEP 2000 (Amendment No. 22)
Draft Auburn Local Environmental Plan 2009
Draft Auburn Local Environmental Plan 2009 Land Use Matrix
Draft Auburn Local Environmental Plan 2009 Maps
Floor Planning Maps
Foreshore Building Line Maps
Heritage Maps
Key Sites Maps
Land Application Maps
Land Reservation Acquisition Maps
Land Zoning Maps
Lot Size Maps
Maximum Floor Space Ratio maps
Maximum Height of Buildings Maps
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 Planning Studies

Auburn Town Centre Strategy (2009)
Employment Lands Study (2008)
Lidcombe Town Centre Strategy (2006)