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Guidelines for acceptable submissions
Send your submission:
  • By mail addressed to the General Manager, Auburn City Council, PO Box 118, Auburn 1835
  • By fax to (02) 9643 1120
  • Deliver in person to Customer Service staff at the Auburn Administration Centre, 1 Susan Street, Auburn.
  • Comments made verbally to Council staff will not be accepted as a submission.
Submissions must be made in writing during the exhibition period and are required to specify the grounds of the objection to the draft policies and plans.
In order to be considered acceptable, the following minimum requirements must be met.
The submission must:
  • Be written in English
  • Be legible
  • Contain the submitter's name, address and daytime contact number
  • Be received by Council no earlier than the commencement of the public exhibition period
  • Be received by Council no later than close of business on the final day of the exhibition period
  • Declare pecuniary interest, third party representation or political donations
Late submissions
An application can be made to Council to lodge a submission after the close of the public exhibition. The application must be made to Council prior to the close of the public exhibition period. Valid justification for the need for an extension must be provided. The final determination of a request to lodge a late submission will be made by the General Manager.
Partial lodgement
Submissions should be complete at time of lodgement with all attachments included. Where identified, partial lodgement of submissions will not be accepted. Where missing components of a submission are not identified until the evaluation period commences (such as an attachment omitted from an electronic submission), the submission will be treated as complete, despite the omission. Council staff will not pursue submitters to provide omitted content or attachments.
Offensive content
No submission containing offensive content will be accepted. Offensive content is defined as, but not limited to, containing material that is defamatory, in breach of the law, pornographic, sexually explicit, an incitement to violence or racially vilifying.
Petitions will be accepted provided all names, addresses and signatures are legible and the principal submitter (petition organiser) is clearly identified within the petition. Petitions will be recorded as one submission, irrespective of how many signatories are included. Any reference to a submission in this Plan, or subsequent material regarding the draft Plans, automatically includes petitions.
Pro-forma content
Submissions identified to contain pro-forma content will be accepted provided that each submission meets the minimum requirements. Pro-forma submissions will be recorded individually and will not be treated as a petition.
Pecuniary interest
Submissions made by employees of Council who are residents or an owner of land within the Auburn local government area will be accepted provided the submission meets the minimum requirements to be acceptable and that the submitter declares the pecuniary interest. Any submission found to be from an employee of Council who is a resident or an owner of land from within the Auburn local government area that does not declare a pecuniary interest will only be accepted at the discretion of the General Manager.
All submissions are subject to a request for access to information under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009. Personal information on submissions other than DA related submissions are protected in accordance with the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998 (“PPIP Act”).
For more information about your privacy please contact Auburn City Council’s Right to Information Officers.
Political donations or gifts
All persons making a submission are required to state any reportable political donations or gifts that they may know, or ought to reasonably know, were made by an associate. A form for disclosure of political donations or gifts, titled ‘Political Donations Disclosure from Auburn City Council’, is available on Council’s website
Third party representation
Submissions made on behalf of a landowner will be accepted from a third party provided the relationship of the third party is declared within the submission and the minimum standards for acceptable submissions have been met. The third party will be considered the principal submitter.
An example of a third party submitter declaration would include “XYZ Planning and Development Consultants Pty Ltd have been engaged by Smith Holdings Ltd, owners of 1 Any Street, Auburn to prepare and lodge this submission”.