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The function of Council's Committees is to make recommendations to the Council in relation to matters included in the terms of reference for each committees, and matters that might be referred specifically by the General Manager or Council from time to time.
Please note that as of on February 10, 2016 the Minister for Local Government has suspended all Councillors while the Public Inquiry into Auburn City Council is being conducted.
Mr Viv May has been appointed as interim Administrator of Auburn City Council for the period during which the Council is suspended.
Mr May will assume the role and responsibilities of the elected council under the Local Government Act and any other related legislation.

Committees of Council

Terms of Reference
Auburn Floodplain and Haslam Creek Risk Management Committee

Matters related to floodplain development and implementation of a floodplain management plan.

N/A - 2 Councillors

General Manager or nominee

Representative from Sydney Water

One Dept. Planning & Natural Resources Representative

One Sydney Olympic Park Representative

Sister Cities Committee

To consider matters related to Sister City relationships​.

N/A - Mayor plus 5 Councillors

General Manager or nominee​.

Auburn Community Access Committee

To facilitate improved access opportunities in Local Government Area.​

N/A - Mayor plus 4 Councillors

One Council Officer (General Manager or Nominee)

Community Representatives: S. Abdo, B. Bennedick, C. Cassidy, J. Crosland, T. Di Paolo, J. El-Ahmed, R. Gibson, L.P. Gordon, B. Leauanae, R. Murray, E. Scott, K. Scott and A. Tessema.

General Manager's Performance Review Committee

To review the performance of the General Manager in accordance with contractual obligations​

Committee of the whole of Council​

Governance Committee

To assist Council in adhering to accounting and reporting practices under the Local Government Act.​

Members (voting)
Mr Peter Brown – Independent Chairperson
Mr John Patterson – Independent External Member (not a member of the Council)
N/A - 1 Councillor (Independent – Member of the Council)
Attendee (non-voting)
General Manager
Manager Corporate
Invitees (non-voting) for specific Agenda items
External Audit Representative
Deputy General Managers
Other officers as requested by the Committee.
Conduct Review Committee

To review matters referred to it under the Code of Conduct​.


General Manager

Three independent persons selected from the Council's Conduct Review Panel​

Heritage Committee
To facilitate the conservation, management, promotion and appreciation of the heritage of the Auburn LGA.

N/A - Interested Councillors

Community Representatives: S. Ihram, P. Abboud, B. Mai, B. Ang, M. Rochecouste, K.Stanton, G. Milazzo, M.C. Peralta and M. Martinenko.

External Agencies or Entities

The Council appoints its delegate/s to represent it on each of the undermentioned entities:-
Terms of Reference
Western Sydney Academy of Sport (WSAS)

Established by the Department of Sport and Recreation. Each of 10 member councils in Western Sydney provide one representative.

Auburn Council contributes approximately $12,000.00 annually to a fund which is distributed for sports projects by WSAS​ on the recommendations of the Academy.

N/A - 1 Councillor

Western Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (WSROC)

WSROC is a limited guarantee company, providing support  to member couuncils ​through research, lobbying and fostering co-operation between member Councils to achieve a more sustainable lifestyle for the people of Western Sydney.

The member Councils each contribute financially on an annual basis, and are etitled to nominate two representatives who become Directors.

N/A - 2 Councillors

Floodplain Management Association (FMA)

​The authority represnets member Councils throughout NSW. Its objective is to facilitate the reduction of the impact of flooding and flood liability on property and to ensure community well being.

It advises and lobbies on behalf of member Councils on State and Federal projects and funding.

It also organises an Annual Conference for members, usually in a regional centre within the State.

N/A - 2 Councillors

General Manager or nominee​

Auburn Diversity Services Incorporated

This local group was fromed to assist refugee groups within the community with information, referrals, case management and settlement services, etc.​

N/A - 1 Councillor

Metro Pool and United Independent Pool (Mutual Group Agencies)

Metro Pool is a joint Committee formed under a Deed of Agreement between the Councils of Auburn, Botany Bay, Burwood, Holroyd, Hunters Hill, Kiama, Lane Cove, Marrickville and Rockdale.

The objective is to provide insurance for member Councils for Public Liability, Professional Indemnity, Property, Motor Vehicle and other risks, primarily by self insurance arrangements, and/or joint purchase from underwriters in the global market.
United Independent Pool is a similar joint Committee comprising 19 Councils for the purpose of providing them with Building, Motor Vehicle and other insurances.
The deeds stipulate that each member Council is to be represented on the Board of Management by its Mayor and General Manager, or the nominees of those respective individuals.
A Management Committee and other specialist Committees comprised of staff from each council attends to day to day operational matters.

​Mayor and General Manager (or their respective nominees)

Parramatta River Catchment Group

This has the role improving the condition and ecological function of the Parramatta River, its tributaries and catchments by co-ordinating efforts in natural resource management of member Councils.

It is a sub-group of an independent statutory body established under the NSW Catchment Management Authority Act, 2003.​

N/A - 1 Councillor

N/A - 1 Councillor (alternate)

Joint Regional Planning Panel (JRPP)

The functions of the JRPP’s is to exercise certain consent authority functions for ‘regional development’; and where requested, advise the NSW Minister for Planning on planning or development matters or environmental planning instruments in respect to the JRPPs' region.


Mr Brian McDonald

Mr Gary Sheils

Hon. Paul Stein AM, QC

Ms Julie Walsh

NSW Metropolitan Public Libraries Association (MPLA)

To advise the Library Council of New South Wales on Library issues.

N/A - 1 Councillor

General Manager or Nominee