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Register of planning matters


Register of Voting on Planning Decisions

Section 375A of the Local Government Act 1993 requires that a register be kept of the voting by councillors on planning decisions.
View the Register of Voting on Planning Decisions:-
Pursuant to Section 438W of the Local Government Act, 1993, the Minister for Local Government suspended all Councillors while the Public Inquiry into Auburn City Council is being conducted.
Mr Viv May has been appointed as interim Administrator of Auburn City Council for the period during which the Council is suspended, commencing on February 10, 2016. Mr May, at the Ordinary Meeting of Council held on February 17, 2016 determined that all Planning Matters that would ordinarily be referred to Council for a decision will now be considered by the Auburn Independent Assessment Panel (AIAP).
Business Papers and Minutes for the AIAP can be accessed by clicking here.

Register of Donations and Expenditure Declarations

Section 328A of the Local Government Act 1993 requires that a Council is to keep a public register of all current donations and expenditure declarations lodged by a Councillor with the Election Funding Authority of N.S.W.
This requirement is satisfied by providing access to the Electoral Funding Authority website.  Visit the Election funding authority website to view  and search for disclosures lodged by candidates and groups.

Register of Disclosure Statements re Planning Applications and Submissions

Section 147 of the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act 1979 requires that in respect to an issue requiring a planning decision, a disclosure statement of reportable donations and gifts is lodged with any applications or submission.
The Council is to keep a register of all such statements that are lodged. There are currently no Disclosure Statements re Planning Applications and Submissions.