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Here at Auburn City Council, we aim to provide you with high quality customer service.

We appreciate your feedback on our services. Your feedback helps us understand how we're performing and how we can make our services even better.

How do I provide feedback about Auburn City Council's Services?

To provide feedback on any of our services, e-mail council at
You can e-mail us to provide us with a compliment, suggestion or to make a complaint.

Giving a compliment

Experienced great customer service from Auburn City Council? You can emial us at to send us a compliment about the high quality of service provided by a particular staff member or by Auburn City Council as a whole.
Why give us a compliment?
Auburn City Council uses compliments made by customers to acknowledge the quality service made by our staff members and to assist in the evaluation of the quality of service provided by Auburn City Council. Compliments made about members of staff will be forwarded to the appropriate officer.

Making a suggestion

If you would like to make a suggestion for changes or improvements to Auburn City Council's customer service, you can e-mail us at to do so.

Chat with our friendly staff at the Customer Service Centre
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Auburn City Council staff share ideas
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Your suggestions are used by Auburn City Council to assist in the evaluation of the quality of service we provide. Suggestions made by customers are provided to the appropriate Manager for consideration.

Making a complaint

If you would like to make a complaint, you should first contact Customer Service on (02) 9735 1222. You can also contact us at
A customer service officer will log your complaint and refer it to the relevant Council department, where it will be dealt with in accordance with Auburn City Council’s Complaints Management Policy.
A complaint can also be made by:
  • Fax: (02) 9735 1397
  • Email:
  • Mail: Auburn City Council, PO Box 118, Auburn NSW 1835
  • By appointment: Civic Place, 1 Susan Street, Auburn NSW – prior appointments can be arranged by contacting Customer Service on (02) 9735 1222.
Make sure you include your name, address and contact phone number, together with a brief description of your complaint.


Complainants’ details will not be disclosed without their consent. This includes not giving details to any Council officer involved in a complaint. The Internal Ombudsman is located in a secure office where complainants can provide information confidentially.

More Information

See Council's Complaints Management Policy contained in Council's General Policy Manual.